An International Conference on Cloud Computing and Organizational Design

March 13th, 2018

29 march 2018

Université Paris–Sud, Faculté Jean-Monnet,
54 Boulevard Desgranges, 92330 Sceaux
Room : Gaudemet


The programme in PDF.

The conference is organized in the context of the CBOD project – Cloud Business Organizational Design, funded by ANR.

Conference chairs

Ahmed Bounfour, Professor, University Paris Sud– RITM

Valerie Fernandez, Professor, Telecom ParisTech

Ioana Manolescu, Research Director, INRIA

Emmanuel Waller, Associate Professor, LRI, University Paris-Sud



Digital Futures, Digital Transformation

October 7th, 2015

Ahmed Bounfour just published a book entitled “Digital Futures, Digital Transformation” Springer editions.



This book provides an integrated overview of key trends in digital transformation, taking into consideration five interrelated dimensions: strategy and business models; society, organization, technology and regulation. As such, it provides a framework for the analysis of digital business transformation and its emerging factors, analyzing twenty-five key trends in terms of their future impact. On that basis, the book then delineates a new approach centered on the mutually accelerating links between multiple value creation spaces. It proposes a new mode of production-accelerated production of links (acceluction)-and analyzes it with respect to the still-dominant concept of lean production. Based on the results of the international CIGREF research program ISD, the book presents a valuable perspective of the expected impact of the abundance of networks and data as critical resources for enterprises beyond 2020.

Bounfour, A  (2015). Digital Futures, Digital Transformation. Springer International Publishing.



Call for applications for Post-doctoral position on Cloud Computing

September 1st, 2015

In the Framework of the CBOD research activities, the RITM research group is searching for applications for a post-doctoral position on cloud computing and organisational design.


The CBOD -Cloud Based Organizational Designs project (Organizational Design Based on the Cloud) research project, is supported by the French ANR (National Research Agency), as well as by several leading European industrial associations. It aims at the development of a set of technical and economic analyses of “cloud computing”. The challenge is to allow both for Executives and scholars to better understand the dynamics of cloudification of information systems. The consortium involved in the project include the University of Paris-Sud (RITM research group) coordinator, Telecom ParisTech (department “Economy & Management”) and INRIA.

The project is coordinated by Ahmed Bounfour, professor at the University Paris-Sud, director of the research group on Networks and innovation with RITM- and holder of the European Chair of the immaterial 

IC11- The world conference on Intellectual capital

April 15th, 2015

28-29 Mai 2015

Université Paris–Sud, Faculté Jean-Monnet,
54 Boulevard Desgranges, 92330 Sceaux
Room : Georges Vedel

download the programme:IC11 – final agenda May 18 pdf-icon

PresentationIC11 logo

The central theme of the 11th Edition of the World Intellectual Capital (IC) Conference is “Innovative Ecosystems, Joint Intangibles and Territories”, With a Regional Focus on: “China.

IC 11, will look at the different issues from different angles: geographical (Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Africa), institutional (large companies, large international institutions, small firms) and professional (scholars, policy and private sector decision-makers).

This conference is organised by the Chaire européenne sur le management de l’immatériel of University Paris Sud.

24-25 November 2014: International conference on “DATA, DIGITAL BUSINESS MODELS, CLOUD COMPUTING AND ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN” at U-PSud, Sceaux, France

November 12th, 2014

We are happy to announce the

International conference on


Which will take place the 24-25 November 2014 ,

at Université Paris –Sud, Faculté Jean-Monnet, Sceaux, France

conf2 This conference aims at addressing the problematic of digital transformation & cloud computing first by looking at the business model angle, and second by exploring the consequence and implication of cloud computing, an innovation that is particularly illustrative of this new economic era.

The attendance to this conference is free.

The conference is organized by CBOD – Cloud-Based Organisational Design, a project funded by ANR and BizModel4Cloud Project PEPS (Projet Exploratoire Premier Soutien – Idex Paris-Saclay, CNRS)


CfP Special Issue of “Systèmes d’Information et Management”: Cloud Business Modelling, Decision Making, …

September 9th, 2014

Call for papers for a Special Issue of Systèmes d’Information et Management on “Cloud Business Modelling, Decision Making and Organisational Design”

Call for papers: CfP-Cloud-BM-OD-SIM

Aims of the special issue
The aim of this special issue is to bring together original research papers focusing on different  facets of cloud computing: technical, managerial and economics.

revue_SIMThe special issue is expected to contribute to the state of the art on cloud computing, taking a special angle: the business and organisational design (and underlying technical issues). The issue will build on

a special workshop to be held in November 2014, on cloud business organisational design (and underlying technical issues). The special issue is however open to contributions for those of the prospective authors interested but not able to make this event.

Key dates

  • 30 November 2014: Submitting proposals
  • 31 January 2015: Response by the Editors
  • 28 February 2015: Final version due
  • The special issue is due for publication on June 2015

Contact for the special issue
For any enquiries about the special issue, including subject coverage, please feel free to  contact Prof. Ahmed Bounfour (

Le projet CBOD sélectionné par l’ANR !

January 20th, 2014

Communiqué, 20 janvier 2014, Université Paris Sud/RITM.

Le projet CBOD – Cloud Based Organizational Designs (Design Organisationnel Basé sur le Cloud) a été sélectionné pour l’édition 2013 du programme  « Sociétés Innovantes » de l’Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR).

ANRL’objectif de ce projet pluridisciplinaire est d’approfondir le champ de connaissances du phénomène du “cloud computing” (informatique dans les nuages). Il consiste en l’élaboration d’un ensemble d’analyses socio-technico-économiques qui contribueront à mieux comprendre le « cloud computing » selon des dimensions organisationnelles, business et économiques.

Il tentera notamment d’avancer notre compréhension des  différents aspects liés au Cloud Computing tels que les nouveaux modèles d’affaires (Business Models), les problématiques d’adoption du Cloud dans les organisations et leurs conséquences sur la transformation de ces organisations, ainsi que des outils d’aide à la décision économétrique relatif au dimensionnement des systèmes de type Cloud.

Le consortium participant à ce projet comprend l’Université de Paris-Sud (laboratoire RITM) qui coordonne le projet, Telecom ParisTech (département « Economie & Gestion ») et l’INRIA.

Ce projet sera conduit par Ahmed Bounfour, professeur à l’Université Paris-Sud, directeur de l’axe Réseaux-Innovation  du  nouveau laboratoire RITM (Réseaux, Innovation, Territoires & Mondialisation) , et titulaire  de la Chaire européenne sur le management de l’immatériel.

Ce projet s’inscrira aussi dans le cadre du programme de l’Institut de la Société Numériques (ISN), de  l’Université Paris-Saclay et plus particulièrement dans le cadre des  travaux de l’axe Business Models de l’ISN (axe dont la codirection est assurée par Ahmed Bounfour et Ioana Malonescu, Inria)